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Qatar Olympic Academy

Qatar Olympic Academy is a scientific edifice and one of the achievements of Qatar Olympic Committee. Since its establishment in 2008, the Academy has been working tirelessly to achieve its goals of being a scientific beacon in Qatar in particular and in the region in general and within the framework of the international Olympic movement. To achieve this, the Academy adopts a qualitative and divers annual programs that include many workshops and courses in several specializations, the most important of which are sports administration, sports law, sports psychology and other sports sciences in a way that keeps pace with the continuous development in sports. The Academy, in cooperation with scientific academic bodies, is proud of its accreditation of several distinguished programs for post-graduation, the most important of which is the Master’s Program in Sports Law, which is accredited by the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, the Court of Arbitration for Sports, the International Olympic Academy, the Qatar Olympic Committee, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar, and this indicates The extent of the confidence placed in the Qatar Olympic Academy to be a leader in the Olympic academic work.

Without a doubt, achieving such aspirations requires the foundation and infrastructure to keep pace with the development and aspirations of the students. Indeed, the academy is characterized by a headquarters that provides all the needs and requirements for the implementation of these study programs and in a sober scientific academic environment that is embodied in one of them a distinguished library that serves the students in the academy. In order to integrate the dimensions of work, the academy uses scientific and technical academic expertise and competencies to bring students to the level they expect from this academic edifice and the beacon in the sky of Qatari Olympic sports. We hope to be an active part in the sports sector in Qatar.

Khaleel Ebrahim Aljabir

Executive Director