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Qatar Olympic Academy concluded on Tuesday the Olympic Values Education Workshop, which is held periodically by the Academy in cooperation with the International Olympic Academy and Olympic Solidarity at the International Olympic Committee, whether at the headquarters of the Qatar Olympic Academy or in the venues of events, schools and others.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Ali Al-Bakri, Director of Sports Management Programs and National Representative of the State of Qatar in the Association of Participants in the International Olympic Academy, where more than eighty students from various disciplines and functional fields participated in this workshop.

The workshop dealt with several topics and axes, the most important of which was the emergence of the ancient Olympic Games and the Olympic values related to the Olympic Games, which Pierre de Coubertin stressed, as he aimed not only to excel in performance, but to advance ideas, educational values and human ethics, while emphasizing the importance of equality and respect for others. These values span almost 3,000 years of Olympic history.

She also spoke about the importance of social responsibility, which comes at the heart of the IOC's work and is codified in the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter.

All activities in the Olympic education programs are based on the three basic principles that can be found in the Olympic Charter and the basic principles of the Olympics, namely that the Olympics are a philosophy of life and the goal of the Olympic Games is to put sport at the service of the harmonious development of humanity, with the aim of promoting a peaceful society that cares about preserving human dignity. In addition, the practice of sport is a human right. Everyone should have the possibility to practice sports, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit.

The lecturer moved on to define the Olympic values in terms of excellence, moderation and friendship, which are the basic values of the Olympics and are the focus of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games, excellence means doing our best in the field of play or in our professional lives, and respect includes respect for yourself, your body, others, rules and regulations, sport and the environment, as for friendship, it encourages us to see sport as a tool for mutual understanding between individuals around the world, and friendship encourages us to see sport as a tool for mutual understanding between Individuals all over the world.

The lecturer also highlighted five Olympic educational topics from the IOC in the Olympic Values Education Program which is a series of educational resources created by the IOC these themes are fair play, respect for others, pursuit of excellence and balance between body, will and mind.

He also cited IOC President Thomas Bach as saying that the IOC focuses on promoting global participation in sport and physical activity, as well as developing appropriate educational tools to engage and empower young people.

So the IOC's vision is to contribute to building a better world through sport and physical activity.

He concluded the workshop by talking about the main objectives of the Olympic education programs, which are to establish a school Olympiad to increase physical activity and sports for students that will benefit them in academic achievement and will provide inspiration to future generations by empowering young people to achieve their potential as well as forming responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.


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