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The Qatar Olympic Academy invited the Sports Impact Researchers (SIR) team from Qatar University who are currently conducting research about organizing mega sports events in Qatar and their impact on public value creation and capacity building in the higher education and sport sectors. Their research is funded by the Qatar Research and Development Innovation Council (QRDIC) for a period of three years.

The comprehensive study about hosting the World Aquatics Championship 2024 measures the public opinion about the event across various dimensions like engagement level, awareness and knowledge about the sport, services delivered and the overall event experience. The study also measured the level of satisfaction amongst both athletes and masters athletes as well as social interactions and the process of capacity building amongst sports federations and organizing entities related to the event like the World Aquatic Bureau. "It is always a pleasure to seek the feedback and insights of the various stakeholders involved in the event starting from spectators to athletes and the organizing entities" said Mr. Khalil Al-Jaber, (Director of the World Aquatic Championship and the Qatar Olympic Academy Director).

Dr. Dalia Farrag, Lead Principal Investigator and Professor of Marketing at Qatar University, emphasized the study’s innovative approach "The World Aquatics Championship study has provided us with invaluable insights into the multifaceted impact of hosting mega sports events, The study's findings highlight the essential role of these events in enhancing national pride, identity, and the international reputation of Qatar”.

Moving forward, the research aims to delve deeper into these areas and explore additional dimensions such as the environmental impacts of hosting such events, the long-term economic benefits to the local economy, and the ways in which these events can enhance community cohesion and national pride. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the ripple effects that such large-scale events have on a host nation, helping to shape future events that are not only successful but also sustainable and beneficial in multiple facets.



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media course
25 May 2024

الأكاديمية الأولمبية القطرية تختتم دورة الإعلام الرياضي

اختتمت دورة التعامل مع وسائل الإعلام الرياضي في مقر الأكاديمية الأولمبية القطرية التي اقامتها الاكاديمية الاولمبية واستمرت لمدة خمسة أيام بمشاركة أكثر من 30 دارساً ودارسة من مختلف التخصصات الرياضية.

9 May 2024

The country Olympic Academy is concluding the psychotherapy course for athletes.

Doha: The Qatari Olympic Academy concluded today ' s psychiatry course for athletes, which lasted from 5 to 9 May and which was attended by more than 30 students from inside and outside the State of Qatar. This course was marked by the fact that its participants represent numerous sports, administrative and artistic disciplines, including athletes, trainers, administrators, physical educators and former athletes, such as Captain Issa Basham, our former national champion of mid-range power games, the father of our Olympic and world champions, a champion of high-founcing championships, our national guard and the Sad Club, and a three-year-old hero of Immunism, a former Al-Sad Club player, Hamud Al-yazidi, a hero of his deafness, Ali Saleh Al-Hajri, and other prominent athletes on the local and global scene.

7 March 2024

Conclusion of chapter II, "Strategic planning," of the sports management diploma programme

Doha: Today, Thursday, at the headquarters of the Qatari Olympic Academy, the lectures of the second chapter of the Advanced Diploma Programme for the Management of Sports and Olympic Institutions, entitled "Strategic planning," which was given by Professor Thierry Zent, Dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of De Louvain, Belgium, and the Executive Director of the MEMOS Professional Master's Programme of the International Olympic Committee.